Bright Young People set for an even brighter Future!

Grime | Tuesday 28th March 2017 | Ben

The Rhyl based three piece Bright Young People have released a new tune titled 'Suppress Happiness' and it's jam packed full of grit and energy!

The Trio has built a reputation from their amazing live gigs and has brought that spirit and attitude to this new song with their guitars being the focal point of the song with a ridiculously heavy baseline and insane drumming providing the song with intricate layers.

The band impressed Gary Powell of the Libertines after a show in London and subsequently got signed to his label 25 Hour Convenience store and with Icons such as Iggy Pop and Duff McKagan being vocal of their admiration Bright Young People look destined for a bright future.

The song channels Sonic Youth with ‘Supress Happiness’ being hugely reminiscent of the iconic Rock Band especially the heavy Baseline. The Band have already shared a stage with a lot of great bands the bands latest release is titled Sunshine Town EP and with their live act being a solid foundation they now look set to give us more dirty rock and roll, just the way we like it!