International ban on Muslims carrying electronic devices

Other | Tuesday 21st March 2017 | Shuaib

The department of homeland security recently authorized the ban of electronic devices from being brought on to passenger airlines from 8 Muslim countries. The UK is to follow the US in enforcing a similar ban.

This means that any devices that are larger than a mobile phone will not be allowed, such as laptops or tablets.The UK ban will affect Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunsia and Saudi Arabia. 

The US justified this ban by stating "evaluated intelligence indicates that terrorist groups smuggle explosive devices in various consumer products." 

However Turkish transport minister Ahmet Arslan argued that the ban was "not a right move,"  and Turkey's President Recep Tayyip  Erdogan has called the ban unfair and asked for a reversal.

Once again the Trump administration has put more restrictions on Muslims, the only difference this time is now the UK government is working right alongside the US. 

Below are the list of airports affected by the ban:

Hamad International Airport-Qatar

Dubai International Airport-UAE

Abu Dhabi Internation Airport-UAE

Ataturk International Airport-Turkey

Queen Alia International Airport-Jordan

Cairo International Airport-Egypt

King Abdul Aziz International Airport-Saudi Arabia

King Khalid International Airport-Saudi Arabia

Mohammed V Airport-Morocco

Kuwait International Airport-Kuwait