"It’s a childhood dream to work with Charge" - Turno's Time is Now

Drum and Bass | Friday 3rd March 2017 | Arren

Turno chats with Guestlist after a turbo charged start to 2017.

This drum & bass producer has been turning heads for a while now. His distinct production style and precision behind a set of decks has propelled him onto bills across Europe and beyond.

Ploughing into the new year, Turno has already set the bar fucking sky-high. He's setting off for his first shows in the US and has trashed clubs everywhere following his debut on Mampi's Charge Recordings.

Out in February, the 'Vision' EP has hit harder than a freight train. Four tracks of club magic that are as versatile as the names supporting it. How's that for a starting point? For a man who's motto is 'time is now', Turno's certainly living by this rule. 

Hey, how are you?
Good Evening!! I'm Great !!! You?

All good man! Describe your current mindset?
Driven, hungry and dedicated.

Three good moods, what's got you motivated right now?
Life! My career is a big part of that! Very excited to see my dreams slowly manifesting into reality, and I still feel like I have a lot more to give.

Must be a great feeling! Talk us through what's been happening recently?
Well, the last 5 years the DJing has taken off properly. I quit my day job because I wanted to do music full time, also I felt it was the right time to really give it a go. I never look back, best decision I ever made! This year has seen my first appearance in the USA and an Australian tour is scheduled for the end of March, these opportunities only fuel my fire further!

Production wise, I have just had an EP released on Charge Recs, I have a forthcoming single on Viper and also an album in the works on Low Down Deep. Some interesting and unsuspecting collaborations in the works and two alias's with friends which I'm sure you will here about soon! I also plan for the introduction of my own label; Time Is Now Records, which I am really excited about.

Woah! You must be mad busy. In terms of your DJing, you've been playing a lot in the UK and Europe, are there any differences?
Different cities have different vibes, let alone countries. The one main difference from the UK is the MC culture, it's a lot more about the music which is refreshing.

I play in Belgium a lot, the productions for a lot of the shows are amazing. I played my favourite show to date at Laundry Day Belgium two years ago alongside Majistrate and Unknown. It was the biggest crowd I had played to and the energy and response we received was mind blowing. Austria is a firm favourite right now for European countries. The knowledge the ravers have of the history of the music is crazy.

Nice! And you're latest EP, 'Vision' on Charge. How's that gone down in your mind?
It's been so overwhelming, the magnitude of artists that have supported it. My aim was to gain all round support but the result was much greater than I could have imagined.

Any names that have surprised you?
Chase & Status was a massive shock!! The fact they even knew who I was was crazy enough. Andy C, always a life long target of mine to have him support it - and he has championed it, for that I'm forever grateful. Calyx & Teebee, Dimension, Friction. Too many to mention.

How did it come to go out on Charge?
It started when I made 'Frightened' and thought ‘that sounds like Charge’ - I had to send it to Mampi out of respect, just to say how influential his style has been on me. Straight away he got back and wanted to sign it. Then we built it into an EP. 'The Invaderz' came next and it went from there. I wanted to showcase a bit more of a mature sound. It’s a childhood dream to work with Charge. Mampi had such a huge effect on me as I was getting into drum & bass, so to release on his imprint is a blessing.

Can we expect more from you and Charge in the future?

You also have you're own brand Time Is Now, tell us about that?
This is currently a clothing and teaching platform, you might think that's a weird combination but the message we portray applies to both. We are just about to launch our new website and clothing range on 27.02.2017. This has been a long time in the planning so I'm very excited about this!

I have been teaching one 2 one music production tutorials for the last couple years named "Your Time Is Now" aiming to school and assist any artist that seeks it. I really enjoy helping aspiring artists on there journey and I plan to open a production school of some sort at a latter date.

I started it about two years ago because there was just too much under produced DnB out there, no quality control because anyone could set up a label and release anything. I'm no Noisia, but I have a foundation degree in Music Technology and over 10 years experience in the industry. Anyway I can assist or help the next generation is a big enough reason for me to want to do it. I named it "Your Time Is Now", students book a full/half day session with myself. Travel to my studio and spend a day in a professional environment either working on there tracks or me teaching from scratch.

I also school them about the business side, social media, targeting your correct audience and presenting yourself in the right manor. I keep close contact with all of my students and a lot have excelled to release on credible labels. This is the main reason I enjoy teaching and set out this programme to help the scene's knowledge of production. If anyone reading would like any more info, please don't hesitate to contact me on my email:

What's the inspiration for the name?
Why wait for tomorrow... The Time Is Now.
You only get one shot, all this started as a dream I had. I manifested that dream into reality because I wouldn't rest until I achieved what I have set out to. That's where the name and motto came from. The whole brand represents this statement; belief, dedication and drive.

If you could play any gig in the world, where would that be?
EDC Las Vegas, Glastonbury, Tomorrowland, Boomtown. I could never narrow it down to one.

What have you, if you have got planned for the future?
To concentrate on building the Time Is Now enterprise. Experimenting with a lot of different genres and just continuing this dream! The goalposts widen and new targets arise, so who knows.

If you weren't in the music, what do you think you'd be doing?
Probably working with my dad, he owns an insurance company.

What was your worst job?
Zenith Windows, it was a cold calling job trying to sell double glazing. I lasted one day.

What's your proudest moment in you life been?
Quitting my job and following my dream!

If you had to start a new life in a new country, where would you go?
I have always loved Spain, especially Marbella, before it became commercialized and "cool" to go to. We used to go there every year as a family and I just fell in love with the place, Puerto Banus in particular. When I retire I plan to do this.

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