Make Brighton Your Next Drum and Bass Pilgrimage

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 28th February 2017 | Pasha

Brighton, the cure for disappointing nights out in London!

With the recent spew of venues closing in London, many bass heads have had to look elsewhere for their fix of dirty beats and dangerous sound systems.

Re-branded as the Arch 2 years ago, the beach side venue could be the answer to all your problems. Only an hour away from the wanting capital lays a glorious 12kw Funktion-One Dance Stack, eager to play sets from dnb greats such as Calibre, LSB and Benny Page.

Shockingly many of these class skank sesh’s can be accessed for less than a fiver if you book in time.

So, train tickets included you can have a night out for the price of a taxi back to North London from the Brixton Electric. You needn’t bother finding somewhere to stay either, if you’re legit, battle it out to the morning, watch the sun rise over the sea and hop on the train home!

Check out The Arch website for more details.