Hear Mr Joseph's explosive debut

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 14th February 2017 | Arren

Mr Joseph delivers this month's fire for your speakers.

Long has this London based producer been in the game. Knocking about since early, he made a name though his slick liquid production style and weekly Fizzy events. His tight productions have earned him big respect, and have been pushed through the heavyweights including Liquid V, Fokuz & Influenza.

Despite a lifetime in the drum & bass Mr Joseph has only ever dropped singles and EPs, though this month that changed with the release of his album, Inner Haze. Snapped up by Liquid V, Bryan Gee's liquid focused imprint, Mr Joseph has crafted a career defining debut as he delves deep into the soul of liquid sub style.

Though 16 tracks he explores everything about liquid - whether you lose yourself in the uplifting soulful rollers or get down and dirty to grubby bass tones - this album definitively marks Mr Joseph out as a true don of his style. Inner Haze listens like a "sound of liquid" - but one that ain't a pile of regurgitated shite, this is the real deal. You're listening to a master of his craft with this LP - if there's one album you listen to this month make it this one, you won't be disappointed.

Mr Joseph
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