Trump and Pence Already On The Way To Destroying Women's Productive Rights

Other | Monday 6th February 2017 | David

Under the Trump regime, women’s productive rights are going to suffer some serious blows. Not only did the toupee-clad President promise during his campaign that he would both restrict abortion access and punish women who terminate pregnancies, but his Christian fundamentalist Vice President Mike Pence also happens to be one of the most anti-abortion Republicans in the country. 

To give a few examples of how extreme the former Governor of Indiana is when it comes to the this issue, he voted 'yes' on bills that would make it illegal for minors to travel out of state to have an abortion signed a law into effect that mandates that buried foetuses must either buried or cremated. The National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League gives Pence a 0% rating when it comes to the issue of protecting women's rights.

Despite the fact the pro-life attitude of Trump’s administration will cause a great deal of harm to women across the country, it’s still refreshing to see that there will always be people who stand up to bullies instead of standing down and hide in the corner.

As of late, there have also been considerate pressure to defund the nonprofit reproductive health organisation Planned Parenthood due to the fact that 3% of their services goes towards performing abortions. No fewer than 46,000 people donated to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s name after he and Trump were elected in November, to help raise awareness of his extreme right-wing views on abortion and to defend the organisation which he so vehemently opposes.

Pence also spoke at the March for Life event in Washington DC (video below), which emboldened the right-wing Pro-Life Action League to organise their own anti-abortion march on February 11 various Planned Parenthood clinics.

But there was just one small problem: the idiots who organised the process wrote "defend Planned Parenthood" on their website instead of "defund Planned Parenthood". So as you can imagine, they got a ton of emails from pro-lifers expressing their support. So yeah, always remember to proof read before you publish. The mistake has now been corrected and the march is still going ahead as planned, and Planned Parenthood themselves have made the very humble reguest for their supporters not to counter-protest as it may frighten away patients at the clinics.

With America in its current state, the pro-life movement is needed more than ever, so it's refreshing to see more and more people standing up against a government that's lost its mind. I'll end by saying that the vast majority of people who oppose abortion do so on religious grounds, despite the fact that the Bible actually demands women to terminate pregnancies in certain cases. 

Yep, Numbers 5:11-31 of the Old Testament says that if a woman cheats on her husband, she should drink a concoction known as bitter water, which would cause her to miscarry. That's actually in the Bible.