Who are the Justice Democrats?

Other | Thursday 2nd February 2017 | David

Like it or not, believe it or not, Donald Trump is the current President of the United States. And barring an impeachment, he's going to remain President for the next four years, and if he does get impeached, his Christian fundamentalist Vice President Mike Pence will take over, which would likely be even worse.

Had Bernie Sanders become the Democratic nominee, we could have had real, positive change. Free healthcare and free college tuition were just a few of the policies that Sanders would have enacted had he been elected. As polls have shown that the majority of the American people agree with most of his positions, he would likely have defeated Trump in a landslide had he been the nominee. But instead the Democratic Establishment went with Hilary Clinton, a woman so corrupt that you can practically feel the greed oozing from her.
Thanks to the US Supreme Court ruling that bribery is simply a form of freedom of speech protected by the First Amendment, it's now both legalised and normalised for both American billionaires and corporations to pay politicians to do their bidding. Hilary Clinton could not resist the temptation of greed, and throughout her career she's raised no few than $3 billion from donars, not to mention her ties to Wall Street and Goldman Sachs. It's little wonder that she lost against one of the most easily beatable canditates in history. He had an orange ferret on his head, for crying out loud.
Clinton represents the sad direction in which the Democratic Party is now heading. Once thought to be the party of the left and the party of change, they've gradually become so corrupt that they barely hid the fact that they do the bidding of their donors, and not of the American people. Change is needed. Real, progressive change. And that's where the Justice Democrats come in.
Founded by Cenk Uygur, one of the hosts of the progressive talk show The Young Turks, and Secular Talk host, Kyle Kulinski (see him break it down in the video below), with the help of staff members from Bernie Sander's Presidential campaign such as Saikat Chakrabarti, the idea of the Justice Democrats is to rebuild the Democratic Party from scratch. They plan on doing this by running a unified campaign to remove every current Democrat backed by a corporation and replace them with progressives who want to make a difference.
So forget Hilary Clinton and her corruption, the Justice Democrats will focus on promoting the views of the Bernie Sanders wing of the party, who represent the real left-wing Democrats. Some of the key areas that they will focus on will include free universal healthcare, abolishing the death penalty, introducing stricter gun control, fighting climate change, defending a woman's right to choose, making the national minimum wage a living wage, and ending the failed drug war.
All things that sound like common sense to you or me, but which the establishment Democrats, and the Republicans, vehemently oppose. if you'd like to get involved to help the American people, then you can sign up to the Justice Democrats to offer them your support. And if you feel that you'd like to do more, you can even nominate yourself or someone you know to run for office as part of their upcoming campaign. Even with Trump in office, America is going to move further to the left, even if we have to drag it kicking and screaming.
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