2.5 million people march for women's rights.

Other | Friday 27th January 2017 | Terje

On the 21st January millions of women and men marched all around the world to protest for women’s rights and against Trump’s misogynist views. It is said to be the biggest collective march in years.

Over 100,000 people gathered together in London in solidarity with the march held in Washington DC and with others around the world. The aim? To show everybody that Women’s Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Women’s Rights. The march in London started from Grosvenor Square and ended with a powerful rally in Trafalgar Square where you could see thousands of posters such as: “Pussies unite”, “Dump Trump”, “This pussy grabs back”, “Don’t grab it, eat it!” and many more worth gold.

The march was also taken part by many famous A-listers such as Sir Ian McKellen, Peter Capaldi, Lily Allen and many others.

Even London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan was there to support the cause.


This happened just few days before Trump signed a paper (one of his firsts since being signed into the office), that stops federal money going to international groups that provide information and guidance on abortions and family planning. Another decision over women’s body made in a room filled with men.

Why the fuck do we still have to march for women's BASIC rights in 2017?