I'm with Her!

Other | Wednesday 25th January 2017 | Ben

Although the women’s march in London and similar protests across the world were a huge success and participants should be proud of their contribution, the fight must go on.

On Saturday nearly 100,000 members of the public marched in protest against newly elected President Donald Trump following his inauguration the previous day. The march was in opposition to countless sexist and racist comments made by the President throughout his lifetime, as well as his ridiculous views on topics such as abortion and climate change. A large number of famous faces were amongst the crowd on Saturday, from musician Billy Bragg to actor Riz Ahmed, with Lily Allen performing in Trafalgar Square.

The uplifting atmosphere at the march was fantastic and it was brilliant to see people of all ages, genders and backgrounds making their voice heard. Unfortunately much more needs to and can be done so do keep an eye out for future protests to continue to stress that it is not okay for Trump to be the most powerful person in the world. After all, as one of the many great signs from saturday said, "we all know what happens when a trump follows through."