“And with words unspoken, a silent devotion” - The XX

Other | Wednesday 18th January 2017 | Tom

Finally re-emerging from an extended break of side projects and subsequent touring following their 2012 sophomore album Coexist. Today, the group’s third album, I See You, receives its release from Young Turks. “Dangerous” is the intriguing introduction to the album, proving them to be an act who will surely add some fresh colours to the blank canvas of 2017. Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim, and Jamie Smith are engaging in more playfully experimental sounds. This album has clear influences from Smith’s 2015 solo debut In Colour, within his alternative outfit of Jamie XX.  A standout track for this listener is lead single 'On Hold' providing the regular mesmerizing rhythms and melodies but with more positive vibes.

With mentions in interviews of group relationship guidance, I See You finds longtime friends release a natural trajectory towards chaos and deep thought in light of their third full length; mapping out its subconscious-combing, front-loading and all that comes between.