DJs Play Las Vegas for the Fans & for Fun

Other | Wednesday 18th January 2017 | Annalisa

Steve Aoki is one of today's most sought after electronic music DJs. His tour schedule is packed, and he travels the world playing the freshest beats. There is one city you can be sure to find this Grammy Award-winning DJ. He plays live shows there several times a year too. This city is none other than the desert city of lights Las Vegas, Nevada.

The nightlife in Vegas is non-stop. There are international DJs playing their musical trade in various clubs and venues every day of the week there. The city is constantly in need of musical entertainment. This means Aoki, as well as other musical globetrotters can sell out a Tuesday night show in Vegas, just as easily as they can on a Saturday night in Chicago or New York. The weekday music scene is alive and well in Vegas.

One of the benefits of playing in Vegas is the all-night gaming availability. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week there is always an active blackjack, roulette or poker game being played. This means a travelling DJ can finish his or her set at 4.00 a.m. and within a few minutes and a short walk, they can start playing their favourite game. This is perfect for Aoki, who is an avid poker player. Aoki is a self-professed “poker fanatic” who even hosted a Texas Hold’em poker tournament aboard the “Electronic Music Cruise Holy Ship!

What about the international gaming scene? What happens when award-winning DJs play overseas, and they want to catch a local poker game? No problem. There are poker tournaments all over the world. 

In fact, some of these exceptionally talented musicians are even playing tunes while a poker tournament rages on. Roger Sanchez is a Grammy Award-winning DJ who founded the house music label Stealth Records. He is also an occasional poker player who rocked the house at the European Poker Tour. At this event, Sanchez was given the distinguished honour of DJing the 100th EPT.

Skrillex is another Grammy Award-winning DJ who frequently plays his unique nu-metal, bass-infused sound at various Vegas venues. He is also a poker fan and player. He was even spotted playing in Aoki’s Holy Ship! Texas Hold’em poker tournament.

So the next time you are in Vegas and you want to hear a Grammy Award-winning DJ play some cutting-edge electro or house music, check to see if Aoki, Sanchez or Skrillex will be rocking the dancefloor with their beats. That way you’ll be able to hear some amazing tunes, and maybe even play some poker after the show yourself!