Radikal Guru delivers his third album on Moonshine

Reggae | Wednesday 16th November 2016 | Arren

Trending the line perfectly between the dancefloor and at home listeners, the Polishman's third album is heavy!

Radikal Guru is back with Moonshine Recordings with the LP Dub Mentalist. It's 10 fresh dub cuts bringing together elements from across the reggae spectrum for a special album. Over the beefy basslines is a good variety of horns, and vocals giving the beats some serious rhythm.

Each track hits as hard as the last - bold riddims that'll blow any soundsystem with the perfect combination of psychedelic spins and reverbs.

Across the project their are collaborations with artists Jay Spaker, Echo Ranks, Solo Banton, Violinbwoy and Earl 16 - providing immersive vocal energy to get you lost in the beats. This is a powerful album, Radikal Guru at his best.

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