It's time we talk about Mollie Collins

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 19th October 2016 | Arren

If you haven't heard her abilities behind a set of decks yet, then stop what you are doing and do it now!

Smashing into the game, Mollie has flooded the scene with a string of heavy mixtapes that combines the gutter sounds of jump up with heavier European neuro stabs - a killer combination. The fast paced, assertive attitude in her mixing style and it's got heads everywhere going insane. 

To see her in action, just check one of her many videos on social media where she's caning it in the raves and tearing the clubs apart up and down the country.

She's hasn't bee around for that long but when you consider her recent shows include Warning, Ur Madness in Belgium and Moondance it's obvious Mollie Collins isn't fucking about getting to the top of her game.

Mollie Collins - Facebook - Twitter - SoundCloud