Dub FX's favourite places to party

Reggae | Tuesday 6th September 2016 | Arren

Melbourne's finest Dub FX shares his favourite places to party.

From living in a van playing street corners to hitting every major festival on the global circuit. It's fair to say that Dub FX has smashed the dream. Not tying himself down to a single sound or style, the producer creates a variety of top quality bass music. Reggae, drum & bass, hip hop, these are just some of the genres Dub FX has mastered.

With him though, it's less about the genres and more about his promotion of feel good vibes and self empowerment. He delves into social, political and spiritual subjects in his music, which when mixed with his attention to detail in music production leaves you speechless.

He's just dropped his third studio album Thinking Clear; once again he delivers an urban mixture of sounds with thought provoking lyrics. The album was produced in 4 months with a lot of the lyrics wrote whilst Dub FX was on tour, he said 'I feel like this album captures the essence of all aspects of my journey'.

Following the albums release, he's going on tour to celebrate. In November he's locked down for three dates in the UK. He'll be in Bristol and Manchester, kicking things off at Scala here in London on the 21st. For full details and tickets head here.

With a new album and tour, we wondered where this very experienced artist enjoys playing the most. Below are Dub FX's favourite places in the world to party.


"Their isn’t anywhere else in the world that understands bass music like the UK. When ever I go to festival in the UK I feel like the people are the festival and they bring the party with them… Where as in almost every other country, people show up expecting to be swept up by the festival itself."

New Zealand

"Such a beautiful place and culture! Kiwis really understand bass music and festival culture just like the UK."


"More specifically Berlin, but the other cities are also really cool to play in. people are so uninterested in looking or acting overly cool. They just get into the vibe with such a playful spirit, they seem almost childlike!"


"I love Budapest! Its such an awesome mix of eastern European flavours! The people just know how to party!"

The Netherlands

"Amsterdam needs a mention because it's also such an amazing place to party for so many obvious reasons!"

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