Hazard turns down 'Best Track' award

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 24th August 2016 | Arren

Hazard disqualifies his own track, handing it to the real winner.

The Drum & Bass Awards recently took place at Building Six. It was DJ Hazard's 'Bricks Don't Roll' that took the award for Best Track though today the Brummie producer rejected the award after explaining the record was released in 2014.

He made the statement through a video on Facebook explaining 'I don't know who's mistake it was, but it happened. I'm not happy about it because I feel like that's taking away from the track that actually was the best track that year.'

He then went to hand the award over to the real winner, DJ Guv's jump up anthem 'Warning'.

Hazard explained 'without a shadow of a doubt, in my mind, [DJ Guv] deserves that award for that year'. Guv said he was humbled by the move and added 'I've got nutting but respect and ratings for this guy'.