Six Blade's summer D&B playlist

Drum and Bass | Monday 22nd August 2016 | Arren

Fresh off the back of their latest release with A.M.C - Six Blade have shared with us their top summer drum & bass tracks.

Hardest To Love has summer time written all over it, uplifting melodies and vocals from Ayah Marar work perfectly with the thick bassline. It's a powerful record packed with emotion; the vibes are big on this one. On the flipside, Six Blade and A.M.C go for a more hardcore, club trasher sound on 'Ova Dose'. Precision drums and earth shattering bass slabs pound through the track that's sure to bring the fire to the floors. Listen to the tracks and download here.

A hefty couple of tracks from the guys for Viper, and with 'Hardest To Love' packed with those summer vibes we wanted to know Six Blades favourite drum & bass summer hits. As expected it's big!

Brookes Brothers - Tear You Down

"Debatably our favorite Brookes Brothers track of all time. All of our mates fell in love with it as well. I think it was on rotation in our sets, cars and house parties for the best part of a year. I remember Andy C double dropping it with Logistics 'Together' in Fabric back in the day and it just made 'Tear You Down' all the more special."

S.P.Y - By Your Side

"This was the a pretty special tune for us as S.P.Y finished with it when we were at Sun & Bass in 2011. We were in Ambra Night, the sun was coming up over the beach and S.P.Y dropped this. They went hand in hand together. I think the tune got rewound about 3 times!"

Baron - At The Drive In

"This tune! This tune was the one. The breakdown is amazing and just screams sun. Whenever I hear it, it takes me back to raving in Concorde 2 in Brighton. I wish Baron was still making drum and bass."

Command Strange - Vanilla Dream

"When our first ever release 'Rising Up' when we were called Mattix & Futile got played on radio 1 for the first time, we recorded the show and Vanilla Dream was the tune played just before. It's just such a wicked tune and brings back good memories."

Lenzman feat. Riya - Bittersweet part 2

"This tune reminds me of going to Sun and Bass in Sardinia in 2011. It got played loads of times whilst we were chilling in the sun drinking Splugens and Brugals, their wonderfully named Lagers."

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