Ray: Camden's Backyard Cinema

Other | Monday 15th August 2016 | Francesco

We hit up Backyard Cinema in Camden Lock Market to watch Ray. The festival has run for the fourth year in the streets of Camden Market, for a series of music-film screening. In the heart of the market, they offer a series of feature films and live concerts.


The first thing you notice is the long series of deckchairs and beanbags. At the entrance there is a small bar with drinks and a stall with popcorn and special burgers. It’s all very welcoming. The last movie of the line up was Ray.


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Ray is a 2004 American musical biographical film directed by Taylor Hackford. Jamie Foxx stars as the titular character, the rhythm and blues musician Ray Charles - for his performance he won an Academy Award.


It is an interesting biopic that explores 30 years in the life of one of the most prominent musicians of the last century. Between music, talent, love, success and addiction problems, Ray Charles becomes an icon.


It's not just about music, it's a movie that explores all the different relationships that the musician had with his wife, mistresses and music producers. The cast includes Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington, Terence Howard, Regina King and they deliver an incredible performance.


Backyard Cinema offers a selection of new releases as well as beloved classics, as well as music-related screenings. It is definitely an outdoor cinema that you don’t want to miss. If you did miss the opportunity to attend their screenings, head to the Backyard Cinema website to see what else will be screened next year.