Balance is back with a double-disc Do Not Sleep special from Darius Syrossian

House | Thursday 23rd June 2016 | Christina

Balance Music presents Do Not Sleep: a new double-disc mix from Darius Syrossian.
Darius Syrossian is one of the hottest properties on the scene with releases on labels like Area Remote, OFF Recordings, VIVa Music and Hot Creations, a DJ Mag Best Of British Award, and his stellar Do Not Sleep label and party, which holds a weekly slot alongside Sundays at Space Ibiza. Now he's on mixing duties for Balance Music. The mix is split into two distinct halves. Disc 1 is a live club recording showcasing his spontaneity, and Disc 2 is a carefully constructed and prepared studio mix.
Disc 1 was recorded live at The Bow in Buenos Aires, and is a master class in slow-building energy. “I wanted it to be a real mix–as in represent me as a DJ when I'm playing out. So I decided to make it a live recording. This was a big gamble as I had to do it in one take and there was no room at all for error.”
Disc 2 delves into headier material with moodier and more atmospheric undertones. “It was a bit more planned and progresses from the deeper end of music with a strong groove to music towards the end of the mix which has a bit more emotion.” 

This is Darius Syrossian at his best; a mean, lean DJ with an impressive arsenal of his own productions, flawless mixing and the experience needed to seamlessly weave together the finest house and techno. 
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