Philly Blunt compile the ultimate jungle rollers

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 15th June 2016 | Arren

V's jungle offshoot releases it's first album after a staggering 21 years in the game!

Philly Blunt have established themselves as the go to label for the jungle massive. Heavy duty rollers, creative percussion loops and juicy basslines are what they've become globally renowned for. Throughout their history they've been responsible for some proper bangers. Whether it's the sounds of Firefox, early Dillinja works, Need For Mirrors rinsing it out, or Serum smashing drums - Philly Blunt is a definitive guide for what jungle rollers should be.

You can probably imagine then that their first album, after 21 years will be gold dust. And you'd be right to. Rolling through 20 tracks The Album sums up the whole concept of Philly Blunt in one easy, compact format. Serum & Bladerunner have breathed new life into some of the labels classics that sit so nicely with some of their latest material from Firefox, Critycal Dub and Heist. Featuring all the right nods forward and to the past, Philly Blunt lay down the jungle law.

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