Binary returns with Vromm, Audioporn welcomes back Benny L and Spearhead once again smash it!

Drum and Bass | Monday 30th May 2016 | Arren

Vromm - Binary Vol. 8 [Critical]

The Binary series is back with more futuristic madness. Vromm has torn up the rule book here and gone charging ahead to the future. Bulging basslines, mysterious soundscapes and sinister drums have combined in perfect harmony making up what is probably one of the most forward thinking projects from the series.

Benny L - Appleroids EP [Audioporn]

It's another hefty EP from South London's Benny L. He wastes no time in getting right down to the grind with this EP. The energy levels are high, basslines deep - so set those speakers loud!

FD - Still The Same [Spearhead]

He's back on BCee's Spearhead with this blissful EP. Across the four tracks FD sorts the greatest example of liquid drum & bass, delicate sounds, crisp clean drums and rattling basslines.

SB81 - 90s / Memories Of You / Pache [Metalheadz Platinum]

This is one hell of an EP with each of the tracks taking you to different places, the only similarity is the quality. SB81 has not messed with this one for the Metalheadz camp - whether it's the rough rider 'Pache' or the liquid tinged 'Memories of You', you'll soon be wishing this was playing on a massive soundsystem.

Safire & Morph - Innocence / Simulation [SGN:LTD]

After a long silence the SGN:LTD is back and they have two sick new tracks from the Austrilian's Safire and Morph. It's a wicked two tracker, with 'Innocence' catering for all the dnb heads - while 'Simulation' gets a little wild!

Agressor Bunx - Colony EP [Program]

Following suit, Ram's offshot imprint also dropped it's debut 2016 release. They opted for the more techy sounds of Agressor Bunx who delves deep into neuro territory.

Bladerunner - Pulsar [Formation]

Long time jungle warrior, Bladerunner is back on Formation. He's been recently been cooking up a new kind of jungle, jump up, techy style and this EP is perhaps the best yet!

Smooth - True Grit [Viper]

The wait finally ended for the full release of this Slovenian producer's latest. 4 tracks that are aiming directly at the floors. Epic stadium sized sounds and drums are a staple - did we expect much less from Viper?

Flowrian - Peaceland EP [Celsius]

Another huge liquid weapon from Celsius. Flowrian has dropped four blissful cuts adding some sophistication to the scene.

Too Greezey - Sloshpot / The Genius (Remix) [Sub-liminal]

Jump up bombs from the Sub-liminal camp. Too Greezey prepares bold basslines and clear cut beats just begging to be dropped. He even sorts a nasty remix of label head, Argo’s track ‘The Genius’.