5 ways to up your Twitter game

Other | Thursday 26th May 2016 | Ollie

It's a different world out there, and the focus has completely shifted to the internet in terms of getting your business out there. So we've taken a look at 5 ways that we can up our Twitter game.

RSS - Feeds
Our pages should be a place where people go to find out new updates, and know that they can rely on it as a good source of information. RSS feeds work by simply taking the information from a websites particular page and regularly updating your page with the information. An example would be if I had a Twitter account about Ferrari cars and I set an RSS feed that took its information from the news page of the official Ferrari website. This would mean that everytime a new piece of news was shown on the Ferrari site it would also be tweeted out on my Twitter page. It's simple but effective as it tweets out automatically so you don't have to.
Click Here for a list of the best RSS Feed programs
Automatic Direct Messages
At the rate social media moves it's harder than ever to get someone's attention and start a dialogue, and there's never a better time than after someone follows you. Set your account to automatically send new followers a direct message to make sure they are aware - it could be something like - " Hey thanks for the follow! You can view my latest video here at ... "
Click Here to see some messaging programs
Automatic retweets
After a while of tweeting you will notice the same select users retweeting and supporting you, they may be fellow artists like yourself or just general users giving you a helping hand. Either way it's always good to give back and a great idea is setting up a list with a select keyword, this basically means it will automatically retweet a users tweet if it contains the keyword which could be your name etc -
This is a great feature for all of your friends as you could set them to retweet each other.
Here is a link to a Twitter suport page for more information
Gotta #hashtag it
With the trending side of twitter rapidly becoming one of its most important features, hashtags are becoming a staple in every media campaign. If it isn't starting your own then using one that is currently trending is imperative for success - make sure you use them.
Check out a regularly updated list here of the most popular hashtags
Social media tool suites
Instead of addressing all of these individually there are also some all in one tools that feature a lot of these functions such as:
All of these also let you connect with Facebook and other social media platforms too.