Mella Dee just keeps on pushing the boundaries

House | Friday 13th May 2016 | Arren

Mella Dee is back with some fire. 

Landing on DEXT, Doncaster's rave expert kills it with a hefty 4 tracked EP Deep Soul that soaks in all the flavours from the 90s with a slick modern edge. Crafting his way across house, jungle, techno, acid and hardcore the producer really showcases his talents that are second to none. 

Kicking off the title track goes flying straight it, with amens clashing and soulful vocals sitting perfectly over the warm bass tones - you'll lose yourself very quickly in this record that neatly folds together varying styles. Up on remix duties is Endian who fixes up a dangerous techno version, switching the amen break for the dark pulsating warehouse standard drums.

Calling all ravers to arms is 'Universal' with its long drum roll before slamming down a huge dirty house beat. Over the rough kicks and fat bass echos a killer hoover/mentasm. Rounding off this huge EP is 'Circular', its uplifting meledies and intense kick drum drags us back to old styled techno sounds. 

Mella Dee has once again smashed it, a release that stares directly at the face of 90s rave and injecting some modern day madness. It’s rough, tough - prime warehouse sounds.

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