Sego are the soundtrack to summer '16

Indie | Monday 9th May 2016 | Cristina

If you haven’t heard of Utah’s hazy guitar pop band Sego, now’s the time to acquaint yourself with them. The band released their debut album this week – Once Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around is out on Raygun in the UK. Falling somewhere between LCD Soundsystem and Kurt Vile, it’s the perfect soundtrack to a lazy summer. Sego plays London this month - Dalston’s Servant Jazz Quarters on the 24 May and Hackney’s Oslo on the 26. We caught up with the boys to get a more personal taste of what the band is about.

Hiya, how’s everything going?

Things are going swell....besides jamming my thumb doing something totally unimportant today.  Besides that, things are tip top.

Describe your sound in three words

I don't know

What is Sego up to right now?

Currently, I'm in the cellar of a bar in Chicago.  We're on tour with Big Black Delta in support of our NEW RECORD! (shameless plug)

Describe a day in your life

Hmmm.  I wake up confused.  Stare at the ceiling for 15 minutes trying to talk myself into sleeping in.  Stumble downstairs in our warehouse and greet the roommates.  Sit outside for 30 minutes writing or sketching.  Go inside and open up too many tabs for every email and social media and attempt to service them with clever content.  Do some writing and/or production in the studio.  Practice with the guys.  Some personal practice.  Realize that I haven't had food yet and try to scrounge something together from the remnants of my canned goods.   Go next door and bother our neighbor, Brandon for a short interval.  He talks me into going to a show or art showing.  We stop by Tacos Los Primos truck on our way back for a veggie quesadilla.  Repeat. 

Has growing up in Utah influenced your sound? How?

It influenced pretty much everything in my life, including the sound.  I had the good fortune of being around a really amazing scene in Provo.  It's always had a strong scene of musicians and real music fans.  Good place to push boundaries, experiment, and grow.  I encourage everyone to check it out.  

What annoys you most about living in LA?

Everyone wants to talk trash about it to you once they find out you live there. 

What music did you grow up on?

I was the youngest of seven kids, so I was the default recipient of a lot of tunes that I'd otherwise have missed.  Beatles, Talking Heads, R.E.M., Violent Femmes, Pearl Jam, Oingo Boingo.

Where in the world is your favourite place to play?

Velour Live Music Gallery.  Provo, Utah.

Spencer, you’re quoted as saying: ‘I was surprised by how personal it is in both the writing and the performing. I'm not Springsteening it and writing about these characters. It's my life’. How does the experience of songwriting change or affect you?

For a lot of people, it's a way to express the impossible and explore interesting scenarios.  I end up (thus far) writing more about personal experiences.  On one hand, it's somewhat cathartic to put things down on paper.  One the other, it's a bit uncomfortable and vulnerable.  

Are there any messages you want to get across in your music, or a mood you want to create?

It's basically a coming-of-age-but-not-quite-making-age record.  Pretty casual, though.  Not trying to blow anyone's mind.  

What would you do to make the world a better place?

Be kind

Where do you hang out in LA?

Stoney Point

What was the last record you bought/song you downloaded?

C.C.T.V. (can't download it)

If you could have a swimming pool full of anything, what would it be?


What’s next for Sego?

Heading to the UK in a few weeks, then on back to Los Angeles.  I'll probably take a trip to Lake Powell in southern Utah in June.

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