Atomic Drop give us the low down on Noisily Festival

House | Wednesday 27th April 2016 | Arren

We talk Noisily with two of the festival veterans, Atomic Drop. 

Atomic Drop is a bass music duo hailing from Brighton. Mixing it up between genres they keep, party vibe. They've been billed again for this years Noisily Festival we had a chat with them about the event, cos if anyone will know it's them!

Hey, how are you?
Good and slightly aroused.

What's been keeping you busy?
We are busy in the studio writing music for our next releases and working on collaborations with Dino Psaras and Slackbaba.

So why don't you give us a quick low down on how you both came together and kick started your careers?
We both went to a lot of parties and events back in the day and we decided to start writing together about 9 years ago as we were finding it increasingly hard to find music that was doing it for us.

You're musical style captures elements from across the spectrum of UK dance music, is it important to you as producers to fuse these sounds together?
These days producers are not expected to write one genre and even in a set its much more fun to switch up and down into different styles this way people don’t know what’s coming next and it keeps things fresh.

What do you aim for in your records?
We generally try and let the style and mood of the track come naturally and don’t feel too much constraint with the direction it could go. Otherwise it gets to forced and isn’t fun to write. But generally bass heavy goodness is what gets cooked up in the Atomic Drop lab.

How do you go about producing your music?
It all varies and changes to be honest. When the creative juices are flowing you just have to go with it. Some times it doesn’t flow at all and then we work on other things. Also we will often approach our production from many different angles and techniques as this keeps things interesting creatively.

You're DJ sets are in the same vein as your music.
We generally keep an ear out for any new music both released and unreleased including our own material. It is very different what makes people go crazy on the dance floor and hard to predict sometimes, so we always keep this in mind when choosing what to play and how to deliver the goods.

Who can't you stop playing right now?
Far Too Loud always delivers. We are studio neighbours at Roof Top Studios in Brighton and he’s also playing at this years Noisily festival along with Joe Ford who really gets us excited and moist. Also loving the new material from Habstrakt and AC Slater at the mo is smashing them out as well.

You did your first psy-trance/progressive trance track with Tortured Brain. How did that collab come about?
We have been friends with Dino for years and always said we would write a track together. He’s a great producer and engineer so was a real pleasure to finally work with him – His studio is SICK!! Analogue hardware heaven, every producer’s wet dream!

What was it like working with him?
It was like being back at school again in a lot of different ways, we learnt a lot as you do when collaborating with anyone – there is no right or wrong way to get to an end finished tune so working with other people keeps you open to new ideas and production tricks.

You've been billed for Noisily Festival again! How does it feel to be going back there?
Amazing it is our favourite festival and feels like a family home coming now. If you have not been before we highly recommend checking it out this year. It is off the hook.

What makes Noisily Festival stand out from the rest?
Noisily Festival stands out because it is set in such a beautiful estate, the production is next level and the numbers are kept small (3500) to keep it boutique and intimate.

What should we to expect from the festival this summer?
Well it is in a lush woodland valley, beautiful people and good vibes, great food and booze and the music blasts loud through the best Funktion 1 speakers until 4am every morning! Check out the promo videos on YouTube from the last few years if you need any more convincing.

What's been your highlight at Noisily Festival?
Defiantly without a doubt the time we saw Gordon a friend of ours from Brighton slip and go arse over tit in the mud we had a good laugh about that for days. In all serious though there are too many to mention and choose one to be honest. The whole event stands out as the highlight of our year, every year noisily always delivers.

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What else can we expect from you this year?
Well we are doing a few progressive collaborations and after our last number 1 on Beatport we will be doing another collab with Specimen A later in the year. We have also been working on a side project, a kind of new school trip hop.

Any big releases/collabs up your sleeves?
We have a two tracks coming out on the Noisily compilation on Liquid Records one Atomic Drop tune and one that is a collaboration with Tortured Brain. We also have a techno tune coming out on Nanoplexs next compilation for Iboga Records.

Has there been a party that's changed your life?
I guess that has to be our headline slot on the Arcadia stage at Glastonbury 2011. We were on before Orbital and played to 35000 people on a revolving, flame throwing spider from outta space!

What are you most in love with right now?
Our Yamaha NS1000s, well they have been loaned to us. Juicy bad boy monitors, thanks Bill!

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