Boston and Game Changing Sounds

Drum and Bass | Monday 11th April 2016 | Arren

He may not be the first name that comes to mind if you think percision techy rollers, though Cardiff born Boston has definitely given them a run for their money. 

So far he's had three releases, all on Break's Symmetry following their chance meeting with Kyo in 2014. From the outset the young Welshman set the bar pretty high, well Break don't sign any old fool! Boston's multi-layered structures and well polished finish slots right into the Symmetry vibe.

Despite fitting right in with the Symmetry camp it's far from more of the same. Boston's a classically trained musician you see, and we ain't talking the triangle! If you've heard any of his material you'll know his talents as a guitarist, but why leave it there? He's trained up on a variety of instruments and that really shows in his music. His deep knowledge in electronic production coupled with his actual abilities to play means Boston's music has that extra layer which takes some producers years to find. 

This extra dimension to his music takes it further than the dancefloor. It's music for thinkers, the escapists, though still great at the parties. His latest EP, Panoramic dropped last week and is the perfect example of his style. He pulls out all the stops to showcase his warm, crisp sound with four perfectly constructed original tracks.

Boston's unique musical approach to his production has lead to some golden drum & bass nuggets. When it sounds so good it's hard from some to keep away and already Friction, Lenzman and Break are backing his tunes. It may still be early days for this Welsh producer, but we’re sure the best is yet to come!

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