Thousands march on London to demand Cameron resigns

Other | Monday 11th April 2016 | Osh

Thousands of protesters marched on London at the weekend demanding Cameron resign after the recent Panama Papers leak forced Cameron to release details of his financial affairs. Cameron had allegedly benifited from an offshore fund set up by his late father to avoid tax. 

The Good 

The protesters seen in the video below seemed to be having a good time, and why not when they are the ones making the effort?



The Bad (Bad meaning good)

In Iceland, protests take a more serious tone and the prime minister has actually BEEN ousted. The people don't do things by halves and are now calling for the entire government to resign.




The Ugly 

No one is as hardcore as the French, protesting labour reforms, they have clashed recently with police who have used tear gas.


Well done to anyone who gets up in the morning to make their voice heard in any way they can.  One more time for the London protesters.