Friction aims Elevate Audio straight at the dancefloor

Drum and Bass | Friday 1st April 2016 | Arren

Friction is opening a new label focusing more on the dance floor. 

Those who listen to his show will know that Friction loves the whole spectrum of drum & bass and as such, finds himself "making more hi-energy music that might not necessarily sit so well within the Shogun sound." So enter Elevate Audio, a new label from him that will bring "straight up, uncompromising dance floor drum & bass."

The label will run alongside Shogun Audio and mean Friction can deliver a more varied style of drum & bass to the scene without eroding the solid reputation he has built for Shogun over the years. The label launches April 15 and dives straight in with a huge EP from the main man himself. Entitled Dare, the Elevate debut is exactly what was expected with Friction dropping some big room, dance floor centred, drum & bass bombs.

The title track was inspired by the Gorillaz classic "Dare". What started as a bootleg to spice up Friction's incredible DJ sets has rapidly become an entirely fresh track, complete with re-recorded vocals from the original singer - Roses Gabor. The catchy vocal hook works a treat on the dancefloor especially once it's combined with the stadium smashing beat. 

The Dare EP will also feature another Friction original track and two collabs with Digital Farm Animals and Fourward. You can listen to Dare below and get it from April 15. 

Friction - Facebook - Twitter - SoundCloud

Elevate Audio - Facebook - Twitter