Throwing Shade gets deep on House of Silk

House | Wednesday 23rd March 2016 | Cristina

As Throwing Shade, Nabihah Iqbal produces soothing beats which meld genres like house, R&B, grime, ambient electronica and IDM whilst tackling social themes.

Throwing Shade has joined dance music pioneers Ninja Tune for her latest EP, released this month. House of Silk builds on ‘Shade’s last EP, Fate XClusive, layering chiming synths over gentle kicks.

Her interest in social media is apparent in ‘Hashtag IRL’, echoes of ‘follow me’ and ‘O-M-G’  repeated throughout the track. This hyper-internet element of her work recalls her collaboration with SOPHIE - she provided the vocals for his breakout track ‘Lemonade’.

With a past as a human rights lawyer, her Cambridge education appears to back up her tunes. Iqbal described the vocals on ‘Hashtag IRL’ as symbolic of how ‘our thoughts are watered down to a common denominator of hashtags, selfies and internet-speak acronyms.’

Catch Throwing Shade on Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud.

Photo: Nina Manandhar