DJ Haus goes from strength to strength

House | Wednesday 23rd March 2016 | Cristina

DJ Haus has been ripping up sets across the UK since his emergence onto the scene over five years ago.

As a producer, he fearlessly barrels through house, garage and acid and has built up a repertoire of releases over the years which are more fun than chin-strokey.

His recent debut album, Burnin Up, is no exception, landing a string of bangers which work the dancefloor well as throwback jams, along with more experimental numbers.

Haus deals with his label, Unknown to the Unknown, a bit like the YouTube channel it started out as, dropping free tunes he loves and tying them together with strong artwork.

Released late last year, Burnin Up is a good marker of where Haus is at today - a label boss with a strong sound and aesthetic, and a debut album out, he’s set the scene up for himself to be an influential innovator in house and garage.

DJ Haus is on Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud.