Spectrem's bringing the flavours of the Far East

Drum and Bass | Thursday 17th March 2016 | Arren

Spectrem has another great delivery for Technique.

Since signing with Technique in 2013 this Australian producer has made a name for himself for not sticking to one or two styles. Instead creating drum & bass of in all it’s styles. The sounds and styles may not be the same, but the quality is always the same.

Adding to his already diverse back catalogue of tunes is his next single, an adventure across the Far East travelling at around 175 bpms.

First up is the record ‘Culture’ opening in an epically atmospheric way. As quick as it started we are thrusted from the quiet tranquil gardens of the Far East to the booming cities with a cheeky bassline and big room style. Electro sounds and bleeps hop above the bouncy bass, making this a proper fun loving party tune.

Following the Far Eastern vibes, on the flipside is 'Shaolin'. Swapping a big room sound for a slick liquid beat and chunky bassline, the beat also features a wealth of top samples that will have any educated raver smiling. The smooth liquid beat and jungly bass works really well with the sounds from Far East making this a sick roller to drop into any set.

Another wicked couple of tunes for any DJ to add to his sleeves, with two very different styles to choose from. Though both have the same influence, Spectrem has managed to create two completely different tracks showing just how diverse his style is.

Culture / Shaolin is out now get a copy here

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