The Coronet shows Woman in the Moon…with Jeff Mills

House | Monday 7th March 2016 | Cristina

At the end of April Jeff Mills presents his Woman in the Moon soundtrack in a unique environment. Mills made his name making techno but has expanded his musical craft into other genres, tackling classical and industrial sounds across various soundtracks.

His most recent soundtrack is to Fritz Lang’s seminal piece of expressionist cinema, Woman in the Moon, which the Coronet Theatre will show on April 28 and 29 whilst Mills plays his soundtrack.

The 3 hour Cine Mix performance will be all seated. Mills premiered his Cine Mix series in London in the audio-visual performance ‘the Trip’, in which he mixed more than 60 clips from sci-fi movies from the 1930s to the 1970s live on stage.

Woman in the Moon (Frau im Mond) is widely held to be one of the first critically acclaimed science fiction films, and is based on a novel written by Fritz Lang’s wife, Thea van Harbou.

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