Twitter Twatter this March

Other | Thursday 3rd March 2016 |

@WORLDSTAR Leo won an Oscar. Trump is a serious presidential candidate. Kanye is broke. Do what you want in 2016. Anything is possible.

- Anything is possible... but in this case, for the sake of America and the rest of humanity, let's hope it's not.


@KevinHart4real I swear it feels like the world stops when you stump your toe...That pain is honestly indescribable....Fuuuucccckkkk

- We feel you.


@wizkhalifa Woke up drunk as fuck. Breakfast me.

- Wiz speaking on behalf of all of us. 


@therealelp when i become president im going to change the spellings of "restaurant" and "guarantee" because its just time, america.

- Can we change the spelling of"broccoli" too please.


@andylassner Thanks to twitter the approval of family and friends has taken a backseat to the approval of strangers on the Internet.

- But there's just something really satisfying about a retweet...


@mouqeet_ Donald trump is running for president with no political experience but McDonald's rejected me cause of lack of experience..

- Life's a bitch.