London Hosts Largest Anti-Nuclear Rally in a Generation

Other | Thursday 3rd March 2016 | Ashleigh-Rose

Thousands of people attended a CND rally against Trident in the capital this month, making it the biggest anti-nuclear arms protest in a generation.


Campaigners from around the world descended onto London streets clutching placards that read ‘NHS not Trident’, ‘Books not Bombs’ and ‘Cut War Not Welfare’.


As if the sheer amount of people who attended was not enough to have Cameron worried, an even bigger blow came when the protesters were joined by Leaders from the Labour, SNP and Plaid Cymru parties.


In a controversial move Jeremy Corbyn greeted the waiting crowd at Trafalgar Square with an inspiring speech, reminding the campaigners of the importance of opposing nuclear programs. 


‘You achieve peace through democracy, through respecting human rights, through ending inequality through sharing resources. You don’t achieve peace by planning for war.’


The march marked a turning point in modern UK defence history and has successfully demonstrated to the Tory Government that the British people are not for turning.