Dexters Interview

Indie | Monday 24th June 2013 | Abby

As promised, here is the exclusive interview with East London's Dexters! Check out what funny lead singer Tom Rowlette has to say about the band and the music they create! 

1. Tom, how are you and the band going? 

Very good thanks, it has been very busy at the moment! 


2. When and why did the Dexters emerge?

We got together late 2011. Why? Well, because this is all we've ever wanted to do... Which is a good thing, because we ain't good at anything else!


3. How long have you all known each other?

Myself(Tom) and Ben have been mates since I can remember. We grew up together, then we met Chris (drummer) at indie clubs when we were 16. We all met the other lads few years later, just through other mates because we all knocked about the same pubs and clubs.


4. What is the story behind adopting the band name, Dexters?

There was a bouncer named Dexter at a club we went to but he wasn't letting us in, so I told him I'd name our band after him if he did. And he liked the idea so he let us in and I kept my promise!


5. Who have been your greatest musical inspirations?

 There are so many, but to name a few I'd say The Clash, The La's, the kinks oasis 


6. What has been the best advice you have received in life?

I met Liam Gallager the other night and he told me: "Don't listen to any fucker and fuckin' have it", I am not gonna argue with that! 


7. What life experiences have had a major influence on your music?

Not sure really, nothing well dramatic, just the usual stuff. Our lyrics are all storys, so it all comes out in them.


8. Who is the master-mind writing your songs? Or is it a collective process?

Well, I write the basic structure to the songs and all the lyrics then I take it to the lads and they put the bells and whistles on the tune and make it great!


9. Do you guys have any special rituals or traditions in preparation for a concert or in writing a song?

We all sing ‘Barbara Anne’ by The Beach Boys before every gig. We started rubbish, but we are getting good at it now after so many shows!


10. What was the best musical experience you have had to date?

I say the best is yet to come! But playing at Brixton Academy (supporting The Courteeners) was a bit special, as was supporting The Happy Mondays. Shaun Ryder is a legend!


11. What have been the biggest challenges you have faced as a band?



12. What is it that you aim to communicate through your music? Is there a message you want to send out to your audience?

No one big main statement, we just sing about life and things people can relate to. I think that is what songs should be about, rather than trying to preach to people.


13.       (a) Personally, I absolutely love your track ‘Oceans’! Tell us, what is ‘Oceans’ all about?

It's just about feeling distant from the person you are supposed to be closest to.

            (b) What does this track mean to you?

I love it! I think it's a mini epic 3 chords the whole way through pretty much, but still      manages to sound a bit grander than other songs.


14. Can we expect to see an album from you in the near future?

Just signed another single deal with Acid Jazz, so we are concentrating on that at the moment. We are in no rush we want to make the best debut album we can so will take our time.


15. You have an impressive upcoming tours list! What are you looking forward to most on tour?

We love it all! Going to loads of new towns and meeting new people, but I'm really looking forward to the This Feeling Warehouse Party (June 29th) after Kasabian have played Hard Rock Calling.


16. You have toured with The Enemy, and supported great bands like Glasvegas and The View. How was that experience?

It is always great playing to new crowds and trying to win over other bands fans! It is also a great snap shot into what it'll be like when we are playing them big stages on our own.


17. What have been your favourite venues to perform?

Brixton and Barrowlands.


18. Tell us one of your most embarrassing touring moments?

Loads of stuff! I fell out of the tour bus once in front of some people and I didn't even try and style it out there was no point.


19. If you could be any cartoon character, which character would you be?

 Got to be Duffman!


20. What was the last thing you each googled?

We always google the venues we are booked in. We like to check out the gaffs before we get there and see where the nearest boozer is.


21.       (a) If you could date any celebrity, who would it be?

(b) Why?

Daisy Lowe because she's as cool as fuck!

And not harsh on the eyes either.


22. You decide to plan a launch for your new album release. What would be your ideal event?

My ideal event would be a free gig for all the people that have supported us since we started. Somewhere a bit different. I’ve got a great idea, but I won't say because I don't want anyone to nick it and beat us to it. 


Thank you very much for your time!

No probs x




Abby Donkin @AbbyDonkin