Uner gifts free track to his CommUNERty

House | Thursday 18th February 2016 | Christina

UNER launches "CommUNERty" by giving away his track '5Planets' for free. 

UNER is an artist who likes to be connected and interactive with his fans, so has created a new project, called ‘’CommUNERty’’ which offers his fans a chance to sign up to his monthly newsletter offering them the latest gig news, release updates, merchandise, tickets, free podcasts and exclusive tracks each month. '5Planets' is one of those exclusive tracks. It’s being released only during the planetary alignment - 20th January to 20th February – where Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and even Jupiter can be seen by the human eye.

UNER explains: "I wanted to do something special to mark the alignment of the planets and give myself a new challenge within a limited time. This is a track that I started to work on the same day that the planetary alignment began and I want to give as an exclusive to everyone in our CommUNERty, until it ends on the 20th February. ‘'5Planets'' is like a musical journey - floating from planet to planet. I decided to record this live, without any cuts or edits, to make it flow organically and be emotionally connected. There were 3 different versions, but I decided on this one because it's the cleanest and most intense, but also the one which best reflects my view about the depth of our universe.”.

 You can join CommUNERty by visiting UNER’s Facebook page