What are the best electronic music festivals and why?

Other | Monday 15th February 2016 |

Festival season may be a few months away, but there are loads of gatherings to look forward to – especially if you’re into electronic music. Here are our top five electronic festivals across the world. Did your favourites make the list?

Sonar Music Festival

If you’ve never been to Sonar before, you should know that this festival of multimedia art and advanced music goes way beyond what you might expect from a run-of-the-mill music festival.

Not only is it in one of the most beautiful cities in the world (Barcelona), but it is a cutting edge experience. It combines headline acts playing across the city with smaller venue sets from your favourite underground DJs.

In addition, Sonar takes elements from professional conferences, tradeshows and the classroom! Your experience here will be very much an immersive learning experience, where you get to discover new acts and have the time of your life.

The music policy is a broad church with many sub-genres. Yet you will get to see and hear leading lights of electronic music in all of the different forms listed on the interactive ‘Auxploration’ website.

Outlook Festival

Taking place at an abandoned fort and its surrounding beaches in Croatia, Outlook is arguably the most unique festival venues on this list. Bass fans can party in ancient tunnels, ruins and moats.


Electric Daisy Carnival

Held in the bright lights of Las Vegas’ Motor Speedway, the Electric Daisy Carnival offers a line-up that leaves no-one off its list. It also provides an array of mind-blowing lasers, lights and stage design. This is truly an amazing festival and if you don't fancy the flight to the US, you can get yourself to the UK version in Milton Keynes 9th July.


As its name suggests, this annual festival brings fans from all over the world together in different cities at the end of July. Whilst they're currently taking a break from the UK, you can find versions in Japan, Korea and Georgia.


Many of those in the know reckon that this is the best electronic festival in the world. This is perhaps why its organisers make the bold claim that Tomorrowland is “the epicentre of electronic music”. Whatever your opinion, no-one can deny that this Belgian festival provides an incredibly ethereal experience.

Many say that no other event gets closer to giving partygoers the feeling of global unity is real. Boasting 16 stages and themed decor, the spectacle of Tomorrowland is one to behold.