An Interview With Chris Monti of Late and Live Sessions

Indie | Saturday 16th January 2016 | Joe

Late and Live Sessions is a new music event situated in Canterbury and Whitstable, featuring Kent's latest up and coming music talent along side headlining DJS. ahead of my gig on Saturday 16th January, I took some time out to get the low down with promoter and Co-owner Chris Monti


What inspired you to launch your brand and deliver its ethos?

My Father and I have always been interested in running music events, we often felt that there was a lot of unheard talent, whether these be buskers, small venue performers or emerging bands and wanted to provide a platform for these to showcase their music. There are a lot of House/Garage/EDM events, but a lack of options within the live music scene,  therefore we decided to create Late and Live Sessions to offer something new and exciting, every event is different with new artists/bands playing at each of our venues.


How do you find new talent?

We invest a lot of time, meeting and visiting artists/bands/DJs live. We visit small venues across South East and London to find talent. As our brand has grown we have had a lot of bands asking to play at our venues, which is very exciting! You can do this by visiting our website or contacting us on Facebook. Recommendations are also a big part in finding new talent!


What’s the scene like in Canterbury ?

We have two large universities, therefore there is a real student presence. The nightlife scene is very busy, with a number of event companies and nightclubs, bars.. However, we differentiate ourselves by offering live music accompanied with a DJ set to close.! Presenting some of the best up and coming talent.


What inspires you on a daily basis?

We are both very motivated.. And have big ambitions for the brand - what inspires me is the being able to put on an event that everyone is excited about. We often have attendees asking us to bring back bands, because they loved them so much! Some of these are buskers. Secondly, it's great to see bands/soloists/DJs getting really involved and producing a fantastic set.. And loving the vibe.


Who are your musical icons?

Tough question..

Michael Jackson



Bob Marley

If you could change anything about the music scene what would it be?

More investment in the live music venues, artists and bands, so they can share their music and talent.


What separates your event from the competition?

We offer music across all genres, including live music sets. Artists that aren't mainstream, ones that play original songs and potentially could be the next big name. We put on a full production, lighting and sound systems and offer a completely different atmosphere to the usual clubbing scene.


Do you play any instruments or DJ?

Used to play drums back in the day, not so much anymore.


Where do you see your brand in 5 years from now?

Running events across South East and London, open field festival and being the number 1 brand for up and coming artists.


If you could book any dream line up , who would be on the bill?

We are different as we work with up and coming artists.. And all genres but..


Mumford and Sons

Ed Sheeran




The xx

Milky Chance


Kurrupt FM - Feat Stormzy (as the opening act)

You must be excited about this Saturday, what should your punters expect?

Definitely! We've taken it up to a new level.. Full lighting and sound production, student bar, in the centre of Canterbury!

4 Sets | 4 Genres | Deep House Afterparty

This is the only place to be..