Why Us? Terrorism and Retaliation.

Other | Thursday 7th January 2016 | Omari

The death toll as a result of terror attacks in 2015 was astronomical, but why do we only hear about attacks on the West?

Here's a look at what's been going on elsewhere and a discussion about why the West are being targeted.


2015 saw an astronomically high death toll as a result of terror attacks, but mainstream Western media channels only made noise about the ones that affected the West directly.

There have been many throughout the world of an equal or even greater scale. Now death and terrorsim are no joke, wherever it occurs, so let's take a moment to talk about other countries that have suffered in media silence in 2015:

  • From January 3-7, 2,000 villagers were killed in Baga, Nigeria as a result of a Boko Haram massacre.

  • From February 4-5, 91+ people were killed and 500 were injured in Fotokol, Cameroon following another attack by Boko Haram.

  • On March 20, a suicide bombing carried out by ISIL killed 142 people and injured a further 351 in Sana'a, Yemen.

  • On April 1, a hostage taking and mass shooting by Al-Shabaab killed upwards of 147 people and injured a further 79 in Garissa, Kenya.

  • From June 25-29 another ISIL massacre took as many as 233 lives and injured 300 more in Barkh Butan, Kobani, Syria. 

  • On the 31st of October a bombing in Sinai, Egypt killed 224 people. ISIL have been found responsible. 

  • On Novermber 13, 130 were killed and a further 368 injured when ISIL militants attacked in Paris. 

Now we all heard about the attack in Paris, but perhaps not any of the others. ​It is important that we don't forget that not only we in the West are affected by terror attacks, there are places that suffer even more than we do and they too deserve recognition. 


So with all this suffering happening as a result of terrorism, how can we in the West combat it more effectively? 

Stop bombing countries in the Middle East and cease prosecution Islam?

It is becoming increasingly apparent, as time goes on, that the efforts of the West to combat terrorism have in effect made the problem worse. The war-on-terror has not been won, only prelonged and it shows little sign of slowing. By now it should be obvious, even using simple common sense, that our history of antagonising countries in the Middle East has spurred on the radicalisation of militant groups and painted a larger target on our own countries. At the same time, we can't continue complaining about an immigration 'problem' whilst simultaneously causing people to have to flee their homes. 

(Defence stocks soar the morning after Paris attacks. source: firstlookmedia)

Sadly, in addition to this, arms companies are making great profit from these terror attacks all over the world - as this graph shows. Which means that the current Western governments, so hell-bent on boming the 'terrorists', despite their alleged disgust, are actually benefitting greatly from keeping these wars going. The arms trade is booming as you can see.

Peoples lives are being snuffed out while these corporations cash checks, so who are the real terrorists here?

Omari Daniel