All the clubs are going

House | Thursday 20th June 2013 | jim

A few weeks ago, Cable, in London Bridge got shut down after it was forced out by National Rail who own the space.

A few months before that Oceana in Kingston had it’s licence taken after a guy was stabbed in the club. A little after that 93 Feet East was raided by the police in an incredibly dramatic feat of police enforcement that included more police officers than you could probably fit into 93 Feet East. After the raid only a few people were arrested and they too had their licence taken from them (although they are now happy to announce that their licence has been given back).

However, a few days ago, in a complete shock move, the Metropolitan Police raided East village in Old Street who have asked Hackney council to review the club’s licence on the grounds of it being “associated with serious crime.”

The Hackney police twitter page claims that it was a “joint operation between the Money Laundering Team and Licensing Unit, which has left to the arrest of two men connected to East Village nightclub for an offence under the Proceeds of Crime Act. The arrests occurred on June 13th and both men have since been bailed.

A post from the club’s Facebook says that the decision was a little surprise. “ The promotions and music team had the shocking and totally unexpected news that East Village’s licence was suspended this week, with a full review pending within a month. The parties, which were set to take place have either been moved or cancelled. The soultogether party, has been moved to the Old Street spot Nomad, the others have been cancelled.


What is happening to some of the biggest spots in London? Killings, drug raids, money laundering, and well in the case of Cable, just some people being foolish. Well, to be honest it is only a small fraction of clubs, but even so it is still worrying to think what is happening in some of the clubs around London. Next time the bouncer gives you a little trouble and doesn’t let you in, maybe think that it is for the best…


words Jim Roberts