Other | Wednesday 18th November 2015 | Craig

1) Because Jeremy Hunt has no idea what he’s doing: Yes that’s right guys, the Tory Minster for Health has never had a job even slightly related to health. However, he was involved in a failed attempt to sell marmalade to Japan. Perfect man for the job then, no? 

2) Because they stop people from dying: Ok so this one’s obvious, but just take a moment to think about it. It’s kind of in your own interest that the people who deal with life and death on a daily basis should be relatively happy in their profession. Nobody wants a heart surgeon relying on six cans of boost a day. And if Hunt gets his way, this may well go up to seven or eight, imagine!

3) Because they’re one of the last organised work forces left that actually have union power: And with the tube workers also in mind, these guys are the last of a dying breed. Long gone are the days of widespread effective union organisation. It’s the health and tube workers, amongst a small group of other organised labour movements, who are still able to challenge their employers. Its time to fight for your own freedoms to protest and not criticise those who are still able to do so. Did someone say revolution ?


4) Because the NHS is fucking sick (no pun intended): You only have to look over the pond at our transatlantic cousins to see how good we have it over here. In 2014, 32 Million American citizens were without health insurance. For those who are unaware, this means a doctor won’t see you, unless you’re on deaths door, probably. In that case, you’ll be left with a hefty medical bill which most citizens wont be able to pay. All hail the NHS.

5) Because they’re not striking over pay like some in the media have suggested: Again, like the tube drivers, junior doctors are not striking because they want extra money. The vast majority of them, if not all, are more focused on providing good quality care, whilst at the same time recognise that a pay cut is unfair, which is essentially part of Jeremy Hunt’s plan. It’s all about unfair changes to doctor contracts, which the vast majority in the profession say will be damaging to the overall performance of the NHS. 

Apples and Pairs= Stairs
Dog and bone= Phone
Jeremy Hunt= ????