5 Ways You Can Be Positive & Proactive About The Paris Attacks

Other | Monday 16th November 2015 | Faima

Following the attacks on France, the world has been left reeling. Most of us feel scared, angry and helpless. But there are some things we can all do in the wake of disaster. 


One particular group of people have felt a particular strain since the attacks. Muslims across the world have faced the backlash of the attacks and have to go on the defensive for a crime they may have no involvement in or may not even know anything about, so why not take the time out to speak to a Muslim about this? A neighbour, a friend, a stranger. 


Show support for the refugees

The refugee crisis will take on a new dimension. With the finger being pointed on them, reallocation of refugees are thrown in doubt. Now is the time to extend our help. Here are some useful organisations that you can support: 



One of the main terrorist strategies is to divide people. Being clouded by fear and anger is a reaction the terrorist agenda banks on. We need to show solidarity against them, step up for people being attacks on our buses, trains, debate with people with ignorant views, we need to educate children, not feed them any propaganda.



The conversation surrounding terrorism is long and extensive. Pick up a book, learn more about histories, the only thing we should be arming ourselves with is knowledge. And then get involved in the discussion. Spread the message, watch videos. The buzz around these events won't last forever. Now is a good time to broaden your views about counter terrorism strategies, retaliation and who's to blame.  If you want to see whether Islam, particularly, promotes violence, watch this and see what you think:

Support people who are trying to get the message across.


And lastly, remember that there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, and the majority of them are doing all sorts of non-terrorism related things. For example, and if you want to lighten your mood, watch this gem of a video, where Muslims sing about stereotypes set up against them. Careful though, it’s catchy and will stay in your head all day! 

Alternatively, you can watch strangers embracing Muslims on the street, it's kind of heart-warming!

Share the positive things that people are doing to combat hatred in the world. 

These are just some of things we can do, but whatever trial and tribulations we as humanity face, we must be strong and we must be united.