South-East Gentrification to swallow another London Club?

House | Wednesday 11th November 2015 | Jacob

Peckham's burgeoning creative and cultural scene could be halted "dead in it's tracks" by plans to create 'Luxury Apartments' where the blooming Bussey Building and Rye Wax are situated on Rye Lane. This could be catastrophic for the area’s nightlife, which not only means the potential loss of hundreds of jobs, but also putting loads of up and coming and well-established nights at risk.

The area is, frankly, utterly shit for the positioning of any sort of potential accommodation, and is a creative hub that remains ridiculously busy every weekend, 
(head down their Friday night for Soul Control and see for yourself. The plans would not only kill off another London nightlife hotspot, but also be a clear indication that gentrification is of paramount interest to Southwark council above the creative arts, which will undoubtedly suffer severe cutbacks under the current government. 

You can have your say on the proposals by filling in a simple form on Southwark Council’s website before November 18th. We urge you to do it, as this development would not only to price ordinary working people and creatives out of their own community, but be yet another setback to London nightlife.

Gentrification is quickly draining culture and creativity throughout London, so can promptly fuck off.