Berlin > London: Nightlife

Other | Friday 6th November 2015 |

In Berlin nights out are weird, crazy and unlike anything you'll have been to. The clubs are mad and there are certain things i've seen in nightclubs that, to be honest, should never be seen by these eyes! 


1. Dress code

London clubs usually require a fairly reserved dress code. For women who wear heels and skirts to clubs, you're in for a shock. Berliners go to clubs dressed down. If anything, looking slight conventional or normal is considered strange and boring.

Take one look at some of the people queueing for berghain and you'll realise that things are a bit different here. No longer will you have to go to West London looking smart, go in what you want and you'll probably get in. The more underdressed you look, the better chance you have of getting in. If you have any fetish gear there's a good chance you'll be rushed straight through. 


2. The Bouncers

In London bouncers stand at the front quickly glancing at IDs and looking for overly drunk teens. In Berlin the bouncers merely serve to sift out the people who won't fit the club. Although in certain clubs the bouncers will be very strict, on the whole you feel they are looking out for your interestes rather than just being a power crazed twat.

London clubs are filled odd snarling bouncer looking to see who to throw out, in Berlin you'll rarely see them past the door. Once you get in, enjoy yourself, the bouncers don't care. One tip though, don't take pictures - or if you do, do it secretly. Berlin bouncers don't like photos being taken, if you are seen they will kick you out! 

3. Whatever and whenever you want

We all know the feeling when the bouncers walk through asking you to leave the club at closing time. In Berlin it will proably be you asking them to take you out! Berliners don't start getting reading and pre drinking til gone midnight. Where you might think the club is about to close, it in fact is open for the following day.

You want to party on Monday afternoon? fine. You want to go out on a wednesday afternoon? go on then. You want to to go on a 4 day rave? you're welcome to- if you can handle it. No longer will you be depressed as the club closes. The only thing you'll worry about is getting back, after an exhausting rave. 

4. The music

The music scene in Berlin is of course very techno centric. Clubs like Berghain and Tresor have been heralded as the home of the EDM and techno genre. Of most clubs play techno music, however there is also a wealth of places to go to sample reggae, hip hop, jazz and every other genre you want.

The music can either be found in the multitude of clubs or if not your style, there are still some punk and raver squats. Moroever, it is quite often you can find folk singers or upcoming rappers performing on street corner around the city, but mostly in the grimey suburbs of Kreuzberg or Freidrichshain.   

5. Anything goes!

It's a cliche, but it really is true in Berlin. In the cue no one will bat an eyelid to someone wearing fetish gear on display, that's normal. Walking through the doors of Berlin's clubs feels like you're in the eye stretching scene in Clockwork Orange. Instantly you have a sensory overload. The music is loud and the people really do lose their shit. In fact there are some clubs where the people don't care so much that it is quite often to see couples, or even groups getting acquainted lets say. Prepare yourself! The place you enter will be unlike anything you've ever seen. There will more than likely be some shit that you've never seen before.