6 unusual honeymoon locations

Other | Wednesday 23rd September 2015 | Ben

Weddings can be stressful. From booking the perfect venue to ordering a diamond wedding band from the likes of, there’s plenty to think about, but when all is said and done and you’re a married couple, why not start your life together with an unforgettable honeymoon?

There are many fantastic locations for lovebirds worldwide that are sure to glitter in your memory like the rock on a bride’s finger, so here are six unusual spots to consider:

1. Hiddensea Island, Germany
If all that wedding planning knocked you for six, a trip to Germany’s Hiddensea Island could be the perfect place to relax and unwind. A car-free paradise nestled in the Baltic Sea, this idyllic part of the world is as quaint as it is pristine offering everything from endless stretches of white, sandy beaches, craggy cliffs and breath-taking pine forests. In short, it’s the perfect place to recuperate after the madness of your big day and if horse wagon rides and biking adventures don’t take your fancy, snuggling up in a strankorb (a wicker half-shell basket which will hug you as you watch the waves) is sure to put a smile on your face.

2. Pamalican Island, Philippines
It’s your honeymoon, so make it as special as it can be by jetting off to the Pamalican Island in the Philippines. Complete with snow white beaches, crystal clear seas, blue skies and quiet, luxurious resorts it really is the place to ‘get away from it all’ and enjoy some quality couple time. And, if you want to make some life changing memories, Pamalican Island is set right in the centre of a seven square kilometre coral reef meaning the diving is fantastic. The colours of the sea don’t get much better than this, so it’s well worth seeing what all the fuss is about.

3. Bwindi Forest National Park, Uganda
If you’re looking to book a honeymoon that will have you talking for days, weeks, months and years to come, then don’t miss an adventure to Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Ideal for animal lovers and intrepid explorers alike, this beautiful location offers you the chance to unwind on a gorilla safari enabling you to admire these majestic creatures in their own environment. Guided walks will also give you fantastic views of jagged valleys, sensational mountain scenery and cheeky little monkeys and you can even admire the night’s sky and hear the sounds of the jungle by sleeping outside in tents.

4. A Swiss adventure
What better way to start married life than with a cable car ride into the picturesque mountains of Switzerland? Car-free Alpine villages are as rustic as they are inspiring and with views of the Aletsch glacier and Matterhorn mountain range at your footsteps, you won’t be short of spectacular views to capture on camera. Wandering between the many Swiss chalets is nothing but romantic and if all that fresh mountain air gets your tummy rumbling, how about ordering one of the land’s much-loved fondues? Legend has it that if the bread disappears into the cheese you must kiss your dining neighbour, which gives you the perfect excuse to be a bit clumsy.

5. Khan Khentii, Mongolia
If you love nothing more than getting out in the great outdoors and are every inch an adventurous couple, a trip to Khan Khentii in Mongolia is an absolute must. A protected wilderness area three times the size of Yellowstone National Park, this stunning location is dotted with birch forests, winding rivers and expansive grasslands and is the perfect place for a trek, bike ride or a sunset outing on one of Mongolia’s beautiful horses.

6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
While the vibrant, busy nature of Dubai won’t appeal to everyone as a honeymoon destination, it’s the perfect place to experience plenty of ‘firsts.’ Whether it’s climbing the world’s tallest building and viewing the city from the Burj Khalifa’s 134th floor or eating seafood at one of Dubai’s giant malls, that have to be seen to be believed, you will undoubtedly come away with more memories than you could have imagined. There are many wonderful things here and if you’d prefer to retreat somewhere quiet, the desert is right on your doorstep.

There are many places to enjoy some quality time as newlyweds but these have to be six of the most unusual.