I'm on a boat (party)

Other | Tuesday 18th June 2013 | jim


Boat parties have become an essential factor in festivals abroad as DJs all climb aboard a boat laden with speakers and alcohol to play tunes for huge crowds. While not having the same kind of sun as the foreign equivalents boat parties have taken off in a huge way this summer in London and are set to continue throughout for a while more. There are a few different boats and nights offering parties up and down the Thames in the center of the capital, and all the ones that have been have been completely sell out events.

Already this summer there has been the Digital Soundboy boat party, which saw the likes of Shy Fx, Dismantle and B.Traits hit the river in the Queen of Dixie boat, which looks set to hold the biggest boat parties this summer. The Queen of Dixie is a huge 620 capacity boat that is so big the Tower of London has to open its center to let her through. Imagine that, dancing to your favourite tune while getting to float through the open arms of the Tower of London. Not many people get the chance to see the Tower open so imagine being able to see it as you float through. The boat itself is a replica of an old paddle steamer and although would look better in the South West of America, still provides the perfect party boat.

Although not actaually in London, here is Shy Fx giving you an idea of what his boat party may have been like in London. 

Along with the parties that have already been, the promoter Soundcrash plays host to a number of other nights featuring the likes of the Roots’ Questlove, and this Saturday Craig Charles headlines his hugely popular Funk and Soul radio show on the water. Later in the Summer they also play host to the mighty Trojan Soundsystem.

Also aboard this boat is Smartie Partie, a monthly Ibizia type house night with after-parties at Ministry of Sound.


Though not as big other boats include ones setting off from Temple Pier. Pushing off just by Waterloo bridge, if you want to escape the busy central streets and head to a voyage of dancing then head to one of the temple pier boats. On Saturday the 22nd of June is the Nextmen’s Boat Party. This hip-hop duo known for their lively parties headline the boat and are sure to bring the party.

Towards the end of the summer the record store Bleep headline their own house filled night that sets of for a day-time voyage, with after-party at ministry of sound.

Other parties that are happening set sail from Westminster Pier including a Latin night on a three-deck boat on the 6th of July.


Although not in the capital at this present moment, although it does look set to return, the mighty MS Stubnitz held residency in various East London docks for most of the year. The ex-Cold War vessel, while not moving, was a huge unique venue that held massive nights and blared out huge tracks through its more than club-worthy speakers.

if your interest in seeing what the Stubnitz is like even though not in London:


With the sun apparently supposed to return to London, and even if it doesn’t, these boat parties could be the perfect way to help properly bring in the summer, or even to end it.

There is no obvious reason why everyone has gone crazy for parties on water, apart from the fact that they are amazing. If you want to be that guy who can actually sing “I’m on a boat” then head over to any of these boat parties.  

written by Jim Roberts