Buttercup Bill shows that dreams can be dangerous

Other | Tuesday 21st July 2015 | Federica

The first feature by Blonde to Black Pictures, owned by Sadie Frost and Emma Comley, has been described as 'a kind of twisted love story, a psychological drama' by Sadie herself.

Remy Bennet co-directs and stars alongside Emilie Richard-Froozan, who plays Pernilla, a woman unhealthily in love with her lifelong friend Patrick, played by Evan Louison.

When their mutual friend committs suicide, Pernilla leaves her neon-lit New York life and travels to a whisky-soaked, sweaty and nameless town to find seek comfort from Patrick. In days filled with cigarettes and confessions, the two friends understand that they will never be able to stay apart. Life creates strange but strong links between people and it is not up to us to break them. 

An old fashioned telephone box features in the most significant scenes, when dark childhood secrets are revealed. The dreamy yet morbid atmosphere has been compared to that of David Lynch. Only the main details of the plot are made clear: Pernilla and Patrick can't be with or without each other. Any other knowledge comes in mysterious flashbacks. 

The authors used their very own relationship to render the ups and downs of a lifelong friendship, and there are elements of Sadie Frost and Jude Law's romance in some of the most extreme shots, such as the night club experience Pernilla and Patrick share, even though Frost hasn't commented on it. 

Whatever it is that inspired such a psychedelic production, let's hope there's more to come.