New app for the nightlife of your dreams: I'M IN!

Tuesday 14th July 2015 | Annalisa

This app lets you win tickets to current, cool events that you might actually want to go to and events in which you're likely to see your favourite artists at. The app, completely free to download, covers events across the UK and the Netherlands and is available for both Android and iPhone.

The way to win changes monthly. In July, the game is all about luck, so you have to spin the wheel of fortune and try to win free entrance to the greatest events in the area. You can even increase your chances to win by inviting friends or attending events with I’m In tickets.

The app comes with great features to plan your nights out, with extensive listings and the ability to set reminders for events and competitions that haven't yet launched and order your listings by preference.

Use the app  to easily set reminders for events not launched yet

Winning free entrance to major events has never been so easy

Download the app here and start enjoying the nightlife of your dreams right away - completely for free.