Acid house is back in fashion with DJ Pierre x NoWayBack

House | Tuesday 30th June 2015 | Christina

2015 is increasingly looking like the second summer of acid house – Seth Troxler is throwing a huge acid house party in August, the smiley has enjoyed a resurgence these past few years, and now there’s another way you can rep the genre.

Original Chicago acid house pioneer and leading DJ/producer DJ Pierre has teamed up with the limited edition clothing brand NoWayBack to launch an exclusive line of DJ Pierre t-shirts. The first collection features four designs – the ‘Acid – Hot Since 86’ tee, the ‘Muzik Is Life’ smiley tee, the ‘Muzik Is Life…Warehouse’ tee, and the Afro Acid tee – which are all available on the NoWayBack webstore and in various UK outlets, including London’s Phonica Records.

We’ve seen lots of music and fashion collabs over the years, some better than others, but this one really is the perfect match. NoWayBack produce limited edition clothing inspired by dance music culture, and co-founder Helen used to have a residency at Wobble during the 90s. Both Helen and graphic designer Chris cite the early acid house scene as a big design influence, particularly the Roland 303 and 808 drum machines, so acid house legend DJ Pierre is a natural fit for the brand.

The partnership makes as much sense for the man himself, as he explains, “I’ve always had ideas about enhancing the message behind the music by using what we wear daily. Words and images are powerful. They can create a thought that can lead to reality…. I met the guys behind NoWayBack after I posted a mug online with a Roland TB 303 on it. NoWayBack hit me up on Facebook and they said they do tees etc. I mentioned I had plans of putting out my own line separate from the Afro Acid brand and one thing led to another. I got a great vibe from them straightaway and they sent out a few tees from their collection and I rocked them at almost every gig after. We then started going over design ideas and came up with some exciting pieces. Almost a year later here we are. ‘ACID Hot Since 86’ is our first baby and it speaks to when acid house began. The start of it all for me”.

So if you didn’t already know it, acid house is back.