Rappers and their families

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 17th June 2013 | jim

The first set of photos shows rappers and their fathers:

A lot of these show the rappers having already found fame next to fathers who I must assume to be proud despite some of the things that comes out of their mouths and that is paraded around the web for everyone to read. 

My favourite though is Eminem and his father Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. While his father is absolutely 'creepy as fuck,' it is strange to see someone who would become such a global star and change rap music, by making it possible for white people to stand on stage and spit too. To be hones though Eminem looks a little uneasy himself in the arms of his staring father, looks like there may need to be a change in underwear for little Eminem.

The second set is of rappers and their kids:

Again, while usually these people talk of banging whores, and shooting people with gats and stuff, here they look like the gentlest of people, with those who will continue on their legacy of stardom. Nothing but pride and affection exudes off these people as they stand around tiny versions of them.

While there are a few good ones throughout my favourite one has to be either Flava Flav and his kids who all stand around in the same pose as their eccentric dad, adorned with his signature clock and crown. All of them stand as if they have clocks on too, and as if it is completely normal to have a novelty sized clock around your neck too, well I guess in Flava Flav world it is. Or, Ice Cube and his kid. When I see this picture all I can think about is Ice Cube’s It was a good day and how much of a G he really is. Well the G’ness that exudes from Ice Cube has obviously rubbed off onto his son, who walks along as if he is the absolute boss. His afro says ‘don’t fuck with me, I’m Ice Cubes son’, and although they had to use a miniature basket ball so that he looks like he can hold the ball with one hand, like a real baller, he still looks very gangster indeed. I’m pretty sure though if the other kids at school didn’t know his dad was Ice Cube, he would be a bit of a loser, but then his dad is so doesn’t really matter.

Lastly is rappers with their mothers.:

Rappers might cus every other single thing in the world, but their mother is always going to be their number one, and the one thing they get seriously angry over if you try and disrespect them. The mothers are probably the ones who would be affected most by the negative aspects of their sons, or daughters, being a rapper; and it seems, from these photos, that the rappers care a lot of have the utmost love for their mums. While all of them are pretty sweet, my favourite has to be the last one of Tupac and his mother Afeni Shakur Davis. Having a son like Tupac must have been both hard and amazing, but from looking at this photo you can’t help but smile. Tupac’s mum stands looking over his shoulder with a smile as wide as Biggie’s belly and both seem a complete pair as both sport matching nose studs.


If you want to spend some of your day checking out some photos of rappers and their families, as you may not have seen them before, then check out these pages. 


written by Jim Roberts