Denmark bans bestiality (finally)

Wednesday 22nd April 2015 | Rhea

Over in Denmark, up until recently there was no legislation in place fully recognising sexual acts with animals as a crime. Animal activists feared that the law, which at the time only banned sexual acts that were harmful to the animals, had attracted animal sex tourists to the country. The Danish Ethical Council for Animals reported on disturbing occurrences such as animal sex shows, clubs and brothels. Even more worryingly there has been a marked increase in strange establishments such as erotic zoos, where visitors are encouraged to engage in sexual behaviours with animals like llamas and goats. As it stood, the previous law against "harmful" sexual relations between humans and animals had also been damaging for Denmark's reputation. Food and Agricultural Minister Dan Jørgensen said on the matter, “They naturally cannot say no to going along with it. Therefore it should be banned.”

Well yes, on the less controversial subject of consent, animals most certainly cannot say yes or no to sex despite what any other questionable individuals might think. In a poll taken last year, around 76% of citizens were in support of the ban, and as for the other 24%, the less said the better. On the bright side, we can be assured many farm animals can sleep more soundly knowing the law is finally on their side.